Tax Calculator

Before you decide if you really want to move your business to Bulgaria you're probably interested in knowing how much taxes you're roughly facing to pay. Our tax calculator is here to help you figure that out.

Since all plans require you to pay personal income tax and social security contributions, the calculator focuses on that. It leaves company taxes and dividends out of the picture; both are only relevant if you should opt for the Company plan.

Gross Payout
Social Security
Net Payout
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You can choose to answer your question for a single month or a whole year. If you provide an annual value the calculator will evenly distribute the money over 12 months; that's important to know for calculation of the social security contributions.

To set your expectations right, here are some rough figures:

  • The income tax is just 10% of the taxable income.
  • The taxable income is less than the gross payout, because social security is deducted first.
  • Social security contributions amount to some 33%. But they are capped! They are only calculated up to 1190€ net payout (1825€ gross payout) per month. More income will not lead to more social security contributions.