The Freelancer plan is for you if you're running a solopreneur business mostly based on providing a service and don't have to think about liability issues.

It's a great plan because you get a 25% tax cut "no questions asked" without submitting any expenses. No keeping track of receipts, not annoying questions from tax accountants about missing details on such receipts.

However, it's a bit more expensive and takes a little while to set up. Also you need to have long term residency in Bulgaria.

In our view this is the option you should go for if your business and your life plans allow it. You should be committed to Bulgaria as your base.

How it works

The Freelancer plan represents the self-employment status in Bulgaria. As a Freelancer you're truly independent. You're billing your clients completely on your own. You're not working on top of the co/company Business as a Service platform.

Although you're self-employed, though, you'll not only pay taxes, but are also making regular social security contributions. This might be unlike how freelance business is handled where you're coming from.




99 € /month

The fee covers the monthly accounting service and all other co/company benefits.

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Year end fee: 150€

At the end of the year an annual tax declaration has to be submitted. The co/company experts will do that for your.

Setup fee: 250€

Unfortunately for getting the self-employment status in Bulgaria some interaction with authorities is required. co/company is happy to provide that service for you and we're trying hard to save you any trips to the authorities or notary offices.

Dues Calculator

As a Freelancer you have to pay taxes and social security contributions every month. Registering as a Freelancer has the great advantage that you can deduct 25% of your income as expense. If you don't have expenses, you'd pay only 7.5% tax on your income effectively. To help you calculate what that means in terms of "money in your pocket", you can run your numbers through the calculator here.

Gross Payout
Social Security
Net Payout
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